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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ashley's First Time Lesbian Experience - Part 1

I thought it would be particularly interesting to capture on video a woman's very first real sexual experience with another woman. Unlike other videos, where there is obviously planning, or some other form of contrivance, I really just wanted this to document the moment. Or rather moments, as there are plenty of them. Other than just having them start withs mall talk leading up to sex, there was basically no direction here but what they wanted to do.

One thing I cannot abide generally in any sort of film like this is where things are faked. I'm not talking about so much whether or not it is really a girl's first time. In this case, it was, but that is secondary to what my real concern is - faking enjoyment. Faking an orgasm. Those fake sounds girls make sometimes in video or even just in real life to make it sound like they are enjoying themselves when they clearly are not. That isn't sexy. That is ... plastic. Fake.

I think what is most sexy is what is genuine. Those real small moments. A glance. A gasp. An involuntary shudder. The full tensing up of the body as a full blown climax overtakes control. Those moments are so sexy. The straining muscles. The wild abandon in a woman's face as she totally surrenders to, and is overwhelmed by, an orgasm. That is present here. And there is that in spades in the Office Slave videos later. But what is really beautiful in this video, beyond even that, is the small moments. The glances and gasps, and little giggles as Ashley experiences sex for the first time with a woman - slowly, at first, building up to it - and enjoying it. She looks a bit at times like she can hardly believe it is happening. But she most thoroughly enjoys it.

Those small moments are what I think make this series especially enjoyable and special. I captured a few of them in the stills below. Enjoy.

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