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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alice Knocked Out, Tied Spread Naked, and Forced to Cum

The thing about bondage is, I think it enhances your sense of touch. Just think - how does a hand on your knee feel normally? It doesn't feel like much. But feel that same hand on your knee when you are tied naked, spread eagle, and it feels so much more intense. Because you can't control that hand any more, can't do anything to stop it from moving up your leg... or down to between your thighs.

And so being tied naked and spread eagle and having a vibrator held to one's pussy has got to be one of the most intense things in the world, because vibrators are already intense to begin with. Bek takes full advantage here, enjoying every second.

Which brings me to another thing I enjoy seeing - someone cumming so much that they can barely stand it. Like with the Office Slave videos, with Pepper Kester. And with this one.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beer Pong

This is sort of like the second Strip Poker video in that it was not scripted or staged, it was the players all playing with real stakes, all of them wanting to win. I can't take credit for this video; Mike wanted to play beer pong in a video for longer than I can remember now, and so he brought up the beer pong sets and I set aside time at the end of a shoot day just for this.

It was interesting to watch. There are all sorts of special rules for the game, some of which weren't in play, but many were. I must confess I had never played or even watched beer pong before. I know, I lived a sheltered life. Mari had never played before either. India more than makes up for that on her team, though, as she is a solid player. Mike likes to talk shit, and he played well, but India certainly showed him how it is done. After the cameras were off and the shoot a wrap, I admit I tried it a bit as well. I did not play a full game but did well enough. It probably helps that I was sober. Ok, so everyone was sober, but from what I understand, this is a game that is played with real beer where each cup taken out needs to be emptied. (And in reality, they use a substitute cup because the beer gets pretty nasty with the ball going from the floor to the cups over and over).

I did find it interesting to watch and there is some fun in not knowing what the outcome will be. While my site here really isn't about reality games like that (others do it as a specialty and so probably do it better), it is nice as on occasional one-off, like the Another Round of Strip Poker video. I don't know if this is something people enjoy and want to see more of or not. I likely still won't do this sort of video all that often, but there is more chance I will do it if the feedback is good. It is interesting also to note that while obviously all models who shoot (generally) are not too shy about being naked, many would rather get dressed as soon as the camera goes off. And for this video, they couldn't do so, they just had to stay naked, so some may enjoy that aspect of this video. India started to get dressed at the end until she was reminded she couldn't. Dallyce remembered but I think she too would rather have not been standing around naked so long.

Also of interest is that the conversation and table talk is unscripted - it is just candid talk amongst the models as they play, which is also something not part of the usual scenario-based scenes (though they can sometimes have some great ad-libs or just spontaneous interactions).

This video, with three full rounds of play, ended up rather long, though I made sure the price was reasonable, given what it is.

Anyway, as always, I welcome feedback, suggestions, and comments - not just for this video, but for any video, or just for life in general. Don't be shy!

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Female Scientists Teleport and End Up Naked

This premise was too fun not to do it again. Though I would like to do something like this with a bigger change of scenery, going outside. That would be the ultimate. A crowded mall even better (but ok, that is hard to do in this country...)

One thing I like about the setup here is having three lovely ladies all on their hands and knees, giving what is perhaps the best view of all, from behind, showing everything. I try to get that as much as I can, and this video has plenty of it. That view is particularly delicious with a perfect toned ass and fully visible pussy. Here, there are three.

I don't have much to add other than the usual note that I welcome feedback and comments. It always amazes me that with so many who visit, so few comment. I thoroughly enjoy a conversation, so don't be shy. Can always be anonymous.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Spy School - Stripped Naked and Handcuffed

This one was fun. It is always fun to have a mass gathering of women who are forced to get naked, then get their hands cuffed behind their backs, so they can't cover their nakedness.

It was also fun to see just what Dallyce would come up with - she would make a wicked Domme. And she does love the women.

I am definitely going to do more spy scenarios in the future. And so as always, comments and suggestions welcome.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Reporter - Violet Kat's Strip Search Pat Down

This is the third and last of the latest batch of these, which as I have said before, I usually do first with new models, and do once with new models, as it is a nice, structured introduction to my little genre. With so many of these now, I really don't have anything new to add.

But I do get a little excited when I get to the last in a batch because generally that means the other videos with new models are right on the horizon, and they are truly spectacular with these three (and with two of them in particular even later, as they shot again).

One nice thing about these videos is they always have good angles, all the angles, and so I always enjoy them, as will you.

Per usual, comments and suggestions welcome. Or just plain discussion is welcome. Talk is cheap, as they say.

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)