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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another Test of Poise - Jessie's Job Interview

I have to say, after the first Test of Poise, I loved this concept so much, I just had to do it again. In fact, I have done it three more times. This time is actually the second one I did. The one with Alice Green was the third, but that one through fate has already been released.

The only disappointing thing about this one is that the vibrator part is all too short. But then this isn't all about the vibrator. What I love about this is the psychological bondage and the wonderful views. One thing all of these have in common is just lovely views of perfect bodies from every angle. I especially love the view of the bare ass from behind.

I must say that the fourth of these is my most favorite of all, but that one will be some time in coming. In any case, this one is here now, and I hope you enjoy it. I, for one, could never get tired of Jessie's ass. That alone made it worth shooting with her more than once.

As always, comments and suggestions welcome. I save them all and reference all of the ideas I have not yet used before every shoot when I plan. Some ideas even get used more than once (like once I got suggestions on leather pants, I got good use out of those). If I haven't yet used your suggestion, that means it is still in the list, ready to go. I see a recent comment asking about one of them (related to inspiration from an old TV show where sisters strip a sibling). That idea is still in the queue, so when the time (and components of a shoot) are right, I will do something with it. In the meanwhile, enjoy the latest release!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

More Bikini Swimsuits United and Stolen from Girls Passed Out Drunk

It is always exciting to debut with a new model - or in this case, triple the fun, as this marks the debut of three new models - three new to me, two new to shooting in general, one who had never shot before at all. All three did very well for their first shoot. This was not the first video they did, but it was short and sweet, and is a good introduction to them all.

As I have said before, what is great about string tie bikini swimsuits is the ties - one quick tug here, another quick tug there, and breasts, ass, and pussy can spring free. While this would be especially fun outside or at a pool, it is still fun when it makes stripping so easy, even on someone laying down (or passed out).

I must say all three of these ladies look lovely in their bikinis. I will definitely have to get more with them in (and out) of them. I will have more to say about them as I release more of their first series of videos, but for now, I will just let this video speak for itself. Well, except I want to note one thing.

In many of my videos, the video ends with one or more naked ladies going out the door, or looking about to go out the door - either walking out or even dragged out. But generally where the door starts to open is where the video starts to end. After all, actually going out into a public hallway naked could lead to rather public exposure. In this case, I was rather surprised to see Chloe and Riley open up that door and just keep on going, out into the hallway, the door closing behind their naked asses. I guess I did not say just how far to go, so they took it all the way. It was awesome - and luckily, no one saw them and screamed as they went into a very public hallway, exposed in both directions. I included some bonus footage at the end of them coming back in after the end of the video, which catches some of their commentary on doing that. Which brings me to one more comment.

With this series of videos, I have included several that have bonus footage of one sort or another at the end. Well, several of them have it. I often have great shots or angles that I just don't or can't use (as can't use it all, particularly in editing) that give great views or some other fun things, and those shots never see the light of day. So I decided, why not let all of you enjoy them just as much as I do. The bonus footage here is short, but on some of the others it is a bit longer. I may start doing more of that, in general.

Now, without further ado, enjoy three new models. As always, comments, suggestions, and thoughts are welcome!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Alyce Loses a Bet, Alyce Gets Used as Furniture

I like the lost bet scenarios - they combine embarrassment with a scenario that is identifiable and very easy to understand. While most people would never find themselves, say, robbed of their clothes or stripped naked at work, plenty of people have made really wild bets that involve the loss of clothing or dignity. Such things are what motivate many to bet in the first place.

The nice thing about seeing someone made to be furniture is they have to sit still in exposed positions, giving a lovely view. It is also fun to put things on them.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Office Trouble - Sexual Harrassment Training

Given how much I like this concept, I can't believe it took me so long (since this video) to get back to this concept: sexual harassment training where the training is itself harassment.

Of course, as I mentioned the first time around, all of my videos that involve the office would qualify as sexual harassment if done in real life, but there is something fun about talking about the concept even as it is done and demonstrated, live, on a lovely naked lady.

Like the first such video, this one has a bit of hands-on harassment, as well as the exposure, making it doubly fun. And of course, Alice looks particularly hot in her skirt and stockings for office wear. I will never tire of that look.

And now, without further ado... take a look. Comments and suggestions welcome.

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