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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Female Scientists Teleport Without Their Clothes - End up Naked

There are just so many juicy possibilities with a scenario like the one in this video: Teleportation (and a similar sort of transport, time travel) stories in science fiction lend themselves to this sort of possibility. After all, who can forget the iconic scenes from the various Terminator movies. Or in Star Trek: The Next Generation, where Ferengi transport women right out of their clothes. So many great scenarios!

So with so many scenarios, I decided to start with the most simple and straightforward one: teleportation accident where the women are transported - and their clothes are not - in fact, they are destroyed. All for a "safety" which, one supposes, is still better than being mixed up in something solid. Talk about getting something stuck in your zipper!

When I shot this I had only a vague notion of the special effects I wanted to use - so I used some green screen, placed on the floor. In hindsight, I really didn't need that for a teleportation effect, but it still gave some possibilities by its presence. This is definitely a theme I will repeat. This would also be a fun one to do outside as well (but then, aren't they all?)

I am particularly interested in feedback on this one, what people think of the execution, suggestions, and so forth. I may do a similar theme very soon. I am putting this out a little early in part to get feedback. I also just couldn't wait to put this one out, as I really like this one. Also, there are some GREAT camera angles in this one - my favorites being when they are all on all fours, from behind... and then are naked. There's a view I just love. Really, I would put that view in every single video if I could. There's an idea...

Now, without further ado... feedback welcome!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Panties Stripped Off, Stroked, and Fondled at Job Interview

This video is particularly hot - I love how it looks when women in power suits lose clothing bit by bit, lose their panties, lose the vital covering over their ass and pussy. That view is nice enough. But this is even better, in that Samantha quite enjoys getting them to do more than just strip, they play with each other, and then she plays with them as well. Here, they both competitively try to get the position, though there is some hesitation. While I do like it when things are more forced and not seeming as consensual, here, the visuals and the action are so fun I don't mind.

Here it is also a true joy to see Samantha get two lovely young pussies to play with. That is her at her best, as that is what she loves to do naturally. If she got to do a real interview like this, I suspect she would have done the same, and perhaps been even more into their pussies. They would get eaten alive. And it would be pure joy to watch every second of it.

This video does give me some fun ideas for new ones. Which reminds me - comments, suggestions, reviews, all welcome. I love to hear from you.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Another Schoolgirl Gang Initiation

I really enjoyed the first one of these, so of course, I couldn't resist doing another. There is just something about mean girls, especially when those mean girls are hot and make other hot women strip naked. And ok, put them in handcuffs.

Ideally, I would shoot this in an abandoned warehouse and then outside, but of course, I don't have a warehouse - yet.

Another fun thing with this video was wardrobe - I am always getting new pieces to use, and so here, I got the three dresses that they wear. All are of course different and interesting in their own way.

As always, comments, suggestions, and anything else you want to say is welcome. Let's have a conversation. About hot naked women. Yeah, that's always fun.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Reporter - Bri Hill's Strip Search Pat Down

It gets harder and harder to know what to say for these since I have done so many... but then again, most of these end up being the particular model's first scene with me, so there is always that to talk about. In this case, this was Bri's first scene with her panties down (her second scene total) as she did Rose's strip search first. Bri did quite well over all for her very first time shooting at all with anyone. I think you will enjoy seeing the rest of what she shot, so I can hardly wait to release those. In the meanwhile, enjoy the premier of her bare ass and pussy. She has an "innie" as they say, something that I know many of you like to see. Variety is the spice of pussy lips, as they say.

Once again, I have reached the end of the Reporter Pat Downs in the queue. There are a few more reporter videos showing what happens next (which I think are quite enjoyable) but no more pat downs until I shoot with new models. But still plenty of other wonderful things in the queue. Stay tuned!
As always, comments, suggestions, and reviews welcome!

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