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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Still a Man's World - Female Office Workers Forced to Strip Naked

I must admit, I absolutely loved how the first "It's a Man's World - Female Officer Workers Forced To Strip Naked" turned out. So of course, I had to do another one, with a whole new set of businesswomen who go from cocktail party to naked, handcuffed, and on the auction block.

This one I think turned out just as well as the first, with Dallyce doing an excellent job, as always, as the female who takes charge in the "Man's World".

And so, this video being another favorite of mine, I release it now to end the old year and bring in the new year. Speaking of which, be sure to catch The Year In Review - 2015 - highlights from all this year's exciting releases!

But back to this video - Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Year In Review - 2015

And so another year comes to a close, so another 50+ videos have come to this site. I hope you all enjoyed watching these videos as much as I enjoyed making them.

As the year ends, it is a time to reflect, and while making videos can be trying at times (VERY trying, you have NO idea), it is worth it when I get such wonderful results. This year saw a lot of new models, as well as plenty of old favorites. And 2016 is sure to include plenty of both old and new - I have already shot so many videos that are already in the queue and I have plenty of suggestions from readers like you to keep making more (as well as my own twisted ideas, of course).

I try to keep it fresh, with at least a few radically new ideas per shoot but I also like to keep making old standbys with new faces - it is always interesting to see a new models take on something.

I am always happy to hear any feedback you have. I read it all, I respond to it all (though sometimes it takes me a little bit to get to it, I do respond) and I save every single story suggestion, even something as simple as "want to see tight leather pants" or something as elaborate as a full script. And then I review those suggestions before every shoot. I might not be able to get to all of them, but I consider them all and do as many as I can. And so long as it is not checked off as done, I will always consider an idea every shoot.

Now for a few things I wonder about. I wonder how many people actually read any of the text for a post versus those who just want to see the sample images.

I wonder how much description I should put in for each video. At first, I was thinking as long and detailed a description as possible would be good so everyone could see clearly what they would be getting in the video, but I have heard several comments from people saying my descriptions are too long. I must admit that shocked me. I have never heard anyone say they liked how long they are. But then, most people say nothing at all. I figured you could take them or leave them, since I include plenty of sample images on the blogs, but I do admit that I have pared down the descriptions a bit since I have gotten that feedback. It is actually easier for me not to make them so long and detailed.

I wonder what people like or don't like or look for in a scene, even just what individual shots people like. I know I have my favorites. I love a good shot of a perfect ass from behind, pussy lips peeking out. I try to include that wherever I can.

I wonder if there is anything distinctive about what I do that sets me apart from other producers. I think shooting with so many models doing somewhat elaborate storylines is different, at least, from what I can see. It does tend to make shooting expensive.

And now I wonder what 2016 will bring. Now, here is the real reason you go to this post: the samples, gleaned from a full year of releases: