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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Three Women Trapped Naked in the Sauna

I have always liked the sauna scenarios. I have only done a few, but they always have great shots and angles as first the naked women sit and relax in the sauna, and then as they try to hide their bare asses, breasts, and pussies while trying to get out. Saunas are especially nice when exclusively populated by extremely hot naked young women.

They certainly move around a lot in this one as well, which also is fun to watch. They in fact move around more than I was even initially thinking when setting this up - I think the girls got antsy.

There isn't too much to say about this one - just something to feast your eyes on for all three hot women. As always, suggestions or comments are welcome. The models look here as well. Feel free to comment about anything. If you want to give a shout out to your favorite model or location or whatever comes to mind. Even just a nice conversation. I don't bite. Much.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rich Bitch Lindsey - Stopped, Frisked, Stripped, and Groped

Now it is Lindsey's turn to get the Rich Bitch rough treatment. Note how particularly good she looks wearing fancy business attire - she has such a lovely, pert little ass. Keep that in mind as there are going to be a few more videos where she rocks such an outfit that will totally blow you away - things I have not done before. But first, here is a little taste of what is ahead. Lindsey looking so cute and helpless as the rough "cops" feel her up rather blatently and cuff her.

I probably will explore this sort of theme more in the future, though for now, there is not much with it in the pipeline - maybe one more video with a group of Rich Bitches... but that probably won't be out for a bit.

In other news, it is summer, and that means it is time to get in a fair bit of new videos produced. Which makes it a prime time for any suggestions anyone has to offer. I have already used so many of them, in large part and small, from just a few choice elements or wardrobe all the way up to entire videos. While there is often a bit of a time delay given when I produce a video and when it gets released, I do eventually work my way through all suggestions. And suggestions are free.

If you don't have anything specific to suggest, I am always welcoming of comments and just general discussion of the videos or even general themes. Join the conversation! Spread the word to ENF sites as well - I occasionally have done so myself, but figure it is better to hear what you, the audience, has to say.

One last bit of news - I am working my way through the last of a cycle of shoots with this video and a handful of others. Once they are all out of the pipeline, a whole new rotation with a cycle of many new shoots will start to be released - with new themes, new models and some truly eye popping scenarios. Stay tuned!

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Voyeur Unties and Steals Bikini Swimsuits from Sleeping Girls

Aa is likely apparent from looking way back here on this site, I have always liked this hot tub / sauna location for shooting. There is a lot of room to move around, plenty of interesting places to do things, even just the "grass" (as I like to think of the open area with the green flooring). This video is a first in that it is a voyeur POV style for most of it but there is an additional voyeur (Mike) who is also there with "you" as you watch the women undress... and of course as you participate in taking the bikinis off of the sleeping women. I am curious as to thoughts on this particular style - thus far this is the only time I have shot that, though I have done some POV style shoots where the "you" is the one observing and stealing clothes, they were all "lone wolf" types.

I also have to say it is nice to see hot women in bikinis - those that really show off their bodies as opposed to the more odd suits. I guess I have pretty basic or classic tastes in that regard. I don't like the pure thong suits or the weird one piece suits that cover very little simply because I think they look so unnatural - like no real woman would wear those to a beach. Whereas a more typical suit you could imagine any woman (with the body to show it) would wear to any beach. To me, seeing a suit that looks natural makes it seem more realistic - and more in line with the women you may see at the beach whom you wish would get caught up in the sorts of scenarios I shoot. Gotta have some level of authenticity for grounding, I think, especially if a scenario seems otherwise unlikely.

Looking at this again I am definitely going to have to go back here soon (though there are several videos at the hot tub yet to be released...)

As always, comments and suggestions welcome (and thank you to the most recent comment with another suggestion - two men at a party showing off their respective dates was a good one!)

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Rich Bitch Jemma - Frisked, Stripped, Groped, and Cuffed

Another Rich Bitch frisked video. I know there is at least one person who has been waiting a while to see this one. I don't have too much to say about this video, mostly because of the lateness of the hour and a need to get sleep, but I wanted to get this out there.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. Don't be shy.

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)