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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Year In Review - 2014

Wow, what a year it has been. I can scarcely remember the last Year in Review post I did, it seems a lifetime ago, and yet it is only 12 short months. A lot of videos went up over the past year, including many that have become new favorites.

I also have a ton of new videos to release in 2015 that are also new favorites. I am just bursting at the seams to release them, but alas, I must be patient. There are a lot of new faces to see (or see more of). Two of them were in the videos I released at the end of the year. They were particularly special and so while I was going to wait until January to release their first videos, I could not resist putting them out sooner. I like to end the year with a bang.

I am always looking for inspiration and suggestions. I have an idea folder that is bursting at the seams with great ideas from those of you who have been kind enough to offer them. I use them when I can. Some require a particular location, or at least one different than what I typically have available, so those have to wait until I have the proper space. Others might just need a particular prop or the right combination of models to pull off. It is my intention to try to eventually use all of the ideas I have been given, if at all possible. Some recent ones included a classroom setting - I have a few ideas about how I might pull that off.

Looking back, as I was working on setting up more Model Showcase posts, I figured out that I have shot with over 40 models since I started this site. That was a larger number than I expected. I hope that number will only grow in the year ahead. Everyone I have shot with has brought something unique and special to their shoots. Many I will work with again if at all possible.

There are so many more reflections I could make. Shooting videos, editing them, putting them up here, preparing images and so forth, it is all a ton of work. At times, I wonder, why do I do it? As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am lucky to even come close to breaking even on a shoot. Overall, I likely never will. It is somewhat expensive to shoot with five models, for example... And yet, I keep going. I keep feeling inspired enough to come up with new and interesting ideas to shoot and then finding great models to shoot them with. Even the big five-model shoots I just keep having to do when I can because of so many great ideas that require them.

In closing, I just want to thank everyone here for the support they have given - be it feedback, suggestions, or just buying my videos (and thus allowing me to make more). Happy New Year! May 2015 bring even more joy and cool videos than 2013 and 2014...

And now, the main reason anyone probably wants to even read this post: Some of my favorite images from the year: