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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Reporter - Kelsey's Strip Search Pat Down

Another in the long line of Reporter videos... this time it is Kelsey's turn to be patted down, stripped, and groped. What fun. After so many of these, I am still looking for ways to make them new and interesting. They have certainly evolved over time.

Initially, there was mostly just the patting and stripping. Then I took some suggestions to alter the wardrobe and there were skin-tight leather pants. Then I took suggestions to actually find items deep in pockets and pull them out. And so now that is generally part of it as well. Then I also added occasional flourishes like handcuffs, business attire, and subtle class humiliation with police harassing a rich business woman. (I think many of those have yet to be seen). And I am open to more suggestions as well. (As always). I am also curious which angles and views are most enjoyed. For myself, I like a variety, to see things from every angle for most of the action, though obviously for specific portions of it, you can only see one angle as those things (like say the magical lowering of the panties) only happen once during the video. (Or perhaps they could happen more... though that would require some rationale...) So in feedback, feel free to let me know - what angles do you like and why, and when do you like them?

Also looking for ways to integrate some of these into larger story arcs, like the very first ones. I tend to like those more for that reason, simply because I like ongoing storylines in general. And now, without further ado...

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meredith Locked Outside Naked

Here is another scenario I long wanted to do, and so quite enjoyed finally getting to do it. One has to love friends who would trick you to the door, then push you out naked and lock the door and laugh at you while you run around the house, trying to get back in. I would love to explore this further, but of course, a suitable location is required. A regular neighborhood would be fun...

This also, I think, may be the last video with Rocker Doll in it that I have in the queue, and it is a very long queue. I mention it because she may very well the one model in more videos than any other, currently. And she was one of the very first models I shot with, so I just wanted to take the time to mention this. I may have to do a Model Showcase for her soon. Which reminds me. As always, I welcome feedback of any kind. One thing I am curious about is which models are people's favorites and why they are. So feel free to comment on that, or anything else.

In the meanwhile, here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Reporter - Hailey's Strip Search Pat Down

These Reporter series clips really speak for themselves at this point. It is interesting to see how they evolved. Honestly, I did the first ones mainly because I had a shoot where a model didn't show up (an all-too-often occurrance) and so I could not do what I had planned, and needed to come up with something I could do with just two models. The first two were part of an interrelated storyline, which is something I have thought about doing again, but haven't yet simply because I tend not to have time and have so many other storylines I'd like to do in a given shoot. It may amaze some to learn just how long some of these clips take to shoot. These aren't just turning the camera on and doing a straight shot of five or ten minutes for a clip (like generally most clips are). They involve lots of shots, angles, sometimes multiple takes, and so on, more like making a real movie. I think that makes them come out so much better, and more interesting, than most clips one buys, but it takes time, and lots of money (given the number of models and the fact that only a handful can be made in a day). But now I greatly digress...

These clips are nice in that they are a format and storyline I am very familiar with, that can be done relatively quickly, and I know what shots I want to do with them, having done so many. Some models I have shot with a lot also are very familiar with them and have played the guard role many times, which is also nice, as I don't need to explain it to them. Some are quite good at it. So now, I am looking for feedback - about all of these clips. What do you like about them? What shots and angles do you like? What would you like to see more of? What haven't you seen that you would like to see? Would you like more integrated into a larger storyline, like the first? I am always looking for feedback. It still amazes me that I get so little... one can always post anonymously. Here is your chance to give some input.

And now, without further ado, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cops Cuffed and Pantsed

I hadn't done a real "actiony" video in a while. I had a notion of a shootout where hostages are taken and that gets the cops to surrender, and thereby end up surrendering their panties. In fact, I have several variations on this theme I have been thinking of doing. This one was a rather basic one, at the end of a long day, so it was not as elaborate as I would like, but then, it is good to leave more for next time. What this videos DOES do is some pretty damn cool action poses (with an actual slow-mo intro) for the two bad-ass cops who come to the rescue of the rookie. And then there is a nice pantsing and handcuffing. I will never get tired of seeing hands cuffed behind a lovely woman while over her bare ass. This is no exception.

One bit of feedback I am curious about is how my various attempts at action sequences have fared. There are probably at least half a dozen videos where there is action and a shootout of one degree or another - I think all the rest of them are with shootouts outside. There are obviously great limitations using lovely ladies who are not stunt people and also given my rather meager budget for action, but I do try.

Now, without further ado, here are rather a lot of photos from this video (which can be direct linked through here):