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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Reporter - Penelope's Strip Search Pat Down

Amadea really nailed the whole foreign-sounding semi-police obnoxious search here. She was commanding and forceful while pretending like she was just being nice and reasonable, a difficult combination to pull off. She also really nailed the commentary on each item as she pulled them out and examined them carefully. Her commentary here really inspired some of the later strip search scenes done since (a few of which have already been released, in fact).

Another thing I can say is that it is interesting to see how these Reporter scenes have evolved over time. I first came up with them as part of a scenario for two models when, for a shoot, the third model did not show up (a rather common occurrence, unfortunately) and from there, it has blossomed into an interesting meme. I think it is interesting to show it from multiple angles so you can experience the entire thing visually in every possible way. After all, video is about the visual. Amadea here adds in the audio element with her commentary, which is also wonderful. And as may be obvious, I have taken to shooting a scene like this with every model eventually, so you can be sure that there are plenty more of these. If there is a model you have seen that hasn't had one yet - just wait - you will.

SIDE NOTE: This is my 100th Post here! Hard to believe there have been so many!

For now, enjoy this latest release, with some choice photos. (The video can be direct linked through here):

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another Round of Strip Poker

As noted in the description, this video is a departure from all of the others in that it is totally unscripted beyond the barest outline of what the rules for strip poker should be. I had some concept of a direction I could make it go, but then once it got going, it had a momentum all its own and so it just played out straight, with everyone genuinely trying their best to win - or at the very least, dictate who loses. The way it progresses it is really hard to see who the ultimate winners and losers will be - though with all of the clothes that come off of everyone, perhaps it is the viewer who is the ultimate winner. In any case, fun was had by all and it is interesting and fun to see just how fortunes ebb and flow until it comes down to the wire at the end and there are two losers.

I won't say here who the big losers here - that is in the spoiler text on the page if you really want to know. The pictures here don't really tell you who won as everyone lost most of their clothes by the end. Oh, and as should be obvious, everyone in this video is new to this site. Suffice it to say that you will see more of all of them - there are some great videos to come with them all, including, eventually, what I consider my magnum opus - or at least, what was a really cool concept that I finally got to shoot. Let's just say it involves dice and miniatures and leave it at that for now.

In the meanwhile, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hailey's Clothes Stolen at the Hot Tub

It had been a while since I went to the lovely hot tub. It is a nice, big place with plenty of room to shoot, and that is not to mention the fact that it is nice and warm.

This is also two new models, Hailey Long and Kaylee Hurley, both of whom you will see more of! (In more ways than one.) So while the scenario may be familiar, both models are new and it is always fun to see just what a different take they will have on things. Hailey surprised me by grabbing the plant for cover. Carrying objects like that is a bit of a cliche in such scenarios - especially where they manage to somehow hide all the naughty bits. In this case, the plant does not, and of course, the thorns lead to her dropping it as cover.

So, without further ado - enjoy. Images here (for movie direct linked through here):

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Businesswomans Strip Search Pat Down

It just occurred to me that I don't think I have had any strip search pat downs where it was non foreign police doing the searching. I suppose there was the previous video with Undercover Cops being handcuffed and stripped, but that was clearly not about a search.

So here it is, a police officer type search, complete with handcuffs - for the officer's safety, of course.

The downside to the business suit is the lack of pockets to search. But then the upside is the angle - the upskirt angle, that is. That is something else that is lacking in the other searches - a search involving a skirt. That makes for some interesting upward angles. The thigh high stockings are also a nice accessory in this. Business attire involved searches are also something I find interesting. I will have more of those to come.

In the meanwhile, enjoy these different twists on what is now a familiar theme - the strip search pat down.

Images here (for the video which is direct linked through here):

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hitchhiker Robbed, Stripped Naked, and Stranded on the Road

I have always found the image of someone being stripped naked by the side of the road and then left there as the car drives off to be a particularly forlorn and exposed image to see. And that is exactly what you will see here.

This takes on a slight twist of the usual story about not picking up hitchhikers. In this case, it isn't the hitchhiker who is the problem - it is the people who stop for her.

Also of note is just how long ago this was shot. It sometimes seems like the time horizon gets further and further out as I have more and more material to release. This is ultimately a good thing as it lets me sit back and relax a bit when it comes to production. I also have more time to think of more interesting scenarios. Ultimately, I have determined that I would rather short something interesting than shoot at all, so now I have the luxury of waiting for the right inspiration. I have some truly awesome things in the pipeline. I can hardly wait to release it all. Enjoy.

A light taste of Images here (for the video which is through here):